I PASSED! I literally threw my hands up in the air as the score appeared on the screen. Those practice exams are spot on. From the difficulty to the actual time it took, everything lined up similarly. Probably the best advantage/help I had was the proctor actually offered up a table for all the books that I had. Which, by the way, SANS books take up so much room when you are digging through all of them trying to find the answer you should already know! My index was a definite contributor to my successes, but I still had a … Continue reading SANS GCIH – Log 5


I took my second practice test a few days ago, and it has taken me quite a bit to get over it. I got a 34%. Not a 90% like I was expecting, but a 34%. I took the practice exam after struggling to hang a light fixture in our house for almost two days (like any good home improvement story, it involved what seemed like 50 trips to Lowes). As I sat down to take the practice test I was frustrated, tired, and pretty disappointed that I wasn’t drinking a beer celebrating converting that stupid light fixture. BUT! I … Continue reading SANS GCIH – Log 4


I took the practice test. I took the practice test before I finished my SANS index, which in hindsight seems stupid. However, I got an 84%! That is 1% away from that instructor invite, so now I’m even more motivated to continue on. It feels great to have come so close while still in the middle of studying. Some Initial Take Aways The 4 hour timeline is really accurate. I am a fairly fast test taker, and don’t really get test anxiety, but I was coming up one 3 hours. A lot of that I think was due to my … Continue reading SANS GCIH-Log 3