I took the practice test. I took the practice test before I finished my SANS index, which in hindsight seems stupid. However, I got an 84%! That is 1% away from that instructor invite, so now I’m even more motivated to continue on. It feels great to have come so close while still in the middle of studying. Some Initial Take Aways The 4 hour timeline is really accurate. I am a fairly fast test taker, and don’t really get test anxiety, but I was coming up one 3 hours. A lot of that I think was due to my … Continue reading SANS GCIH-Log 3

Cult of the Dead Cow

Joseph Menn delivers a solid historical review of some of the major founders of the entire red team industry. Cult of the Dead Cow (CDC) was one of the most influential hacking groups of all time, with members such as Mudge, Weld Pond, and Psychedelic Warlord. The group still exists today, with mailing lists and forums, and is still influencing our industry direction and how we react to current events.

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