Cult of the Dead Cow

Joseph Menn delivers a solid historical review of some of the major founders of the entire red team industry. Cult of the Dead Cow (CDC) was one of the most influential hacking groups of all time, with members such as Mudge, Weld Pond, and Psychedelic Warlord. The group still exists today, with mailing lists and forums, and is still influencing our industry direction and how we react to current events.

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Fingerprinting with Aquatone

I recently read about Aquatone on Twitter from this tweet:

HTML reports generated by Aquatone are been broken due to Subresource Integrity failure on a CSS resource. Version 1.4.3 fixes this problem:— Michael Henriksen (@michenriksen) January 5, 2019

Aquatone is a little tool that I have been playing around with the past couple of weeks. It enables users to quickly and easily forward network scans, or DNS enumeration scans, and grab screenshots. Now that is definitely useful for attackers, but could it also be useful for defenders? I believe so.

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