Initial Security Onion Problems

I have been working on implementing Security Onion in a production environment. The two major problems that have given me headaches so far is storage on the sensor nodes, and internal networking. Networking Problem Security Onion uses docker to create and manage different aspects of itself. Below is a good image of the different containers … Continue reading Initial Security Onion Problems


Network Flight Simulator

I have been looking for training mechanisms lately for the team. Luckily, it looks like folks already have been trying to find the same, because this handy repository was already built Adversary Emulation APTSimulator - Windows Batch script that uses a set of tools and output files to make a system look as if it was … Continue reading Network Flight Simulator

Fingerprinting with Aquatone

I recently read about Aquatone on Twitter from this tweet: HTML reports generated by Aquatone are been broken due to Subresource Integrity failure on a CSS resource. Version 1.4.3 fixes this problem:— Michael Henriksen (@michenriksen) January 5, 2019 Aquatone is a little tool that I have been playing around with the past couple of … Continue reading Fingerprinting with Aquatone